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Djordje Mijusković


Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 12.41.10.png

Ivan Teofilović

Tenor sax,Clarinet

Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 00.47.20.png

Goran Milošević

Drums, Percussion

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Đorđe Kujundžić

Bariton, Alt

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Branislav Radojković


Get to know us!

Naked was founded in Belgrade in 2006. The band immediately attracted the attention of the local audience! They stood out on the Serbian music scene thanks to its multilayered and energetic musical expression, receptive, at the same time intriguing original compositions, and compact, well-coordinated playing. In addition to the above, there are convincing stage performances and the image of the group members, which could most simply be described as "very cool".

The group began as a quintet (two bass guitars, guitar, drums, violin); then they recorded the first two albums in the form of a sextet (with the addition of an accordion) They started to work on their third album as a quartet, which led to a major change in the band's sound and a turning point in their work and career. Since then, their music has become more streamlined, yet full of energy. The unmistakable Naked sound has since become their trademark. The albums, however, are also adorned with wonderful collaborations with artists such as multi-instrumentalist Amir Gwirtzmann and singer Tal Tulu Ben Ari from Israel.


Why are they called Naked?

Because they love honesty, openness, truth, purity, nakedness, demystification… Because the members of the group carry an emotional spectrum, which germinated in their souls and minds first during a carefree early childhood, and then maturing in ungrateful social circumstances in the former Yugoslavia, in an atmosphere of poverty, hatred, fear, violence, hyperinflation, war, bombing, general social decline… In an atmosphere in which fertile ideas about freedom, hope, good vibes, love, endeavour could develop at the same time...

Naked is one of the most vital representatives of the world music scene in Northern-Balkans.

The upward trajectory of their career is supported by the good frequency of the album releases, as well as the gradual expansion of the circle of fans, first across the borders of Serbia, then the region, and finally Europe. The band has performed on four continents so far. In addition to more than 600 separate concerts, club gigs and performances at festivals in Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Israel, South Korea, etc., there are also tours in South America, Italy, Romania, India.

They introduced themselves in the Folk Alliance International ShowCase at New Orleans in 2020!

Just some of the events in the world in which Naked took part (just name a few):

EXIT/Serbia, Colors of Ostrava, Red Sea Jazz Festival ,Mundovivo/Cile, Seoul Music Week/South Korea, Ragastan fest/India, Babel Sound Fest/Hu, Danube Festival Ulm/Germany...

The style of the band is complex, unaffected, merged. Elements of Balkan traditions, with a touch of Mediterranean, African and Eastern European traditions, in synergy with the features of jazz, funk, rock, free music and a lot of improvisation – all this together creates a recognizable Naked-sound. That sound carries a lot of emotional layers – rebellion, melancholy, joy… A kind of "Happy Sadness", as a "general state" of the group's musical poetics, is especially embodied on the fifth album of the same name (Srećna tuga/Happy Sadness), which is in front of us.

With more than 600 concerts in last decade, dozens official videos and numerous TV and live performances , Naked are capable to perform hi-octane party with great attitude and stylistic approach. Dedicated to the all good people who we met and beautiful places we have been last few years during the Nakedonia world tour!

Srećna tuga (Happy Sadness) is Naked's fifth album and their new vision of the concept of love. It is a specific point of view based on the musicians’ experience of continual travel, concerts, exciting tours and professional joys, but through which, over time, feelings of lack, emptiness, longing for loved ones, sadness begin to unfold.

Srećna tuga is an album of maturity. Twelve original compositions, which can be described more than ever as songs without words, place the power of feeling above the playing itself. Finding the moment when happiness and sadness, strength and melancholy breathe equally – that was exactly the idea of ​​the group members. It has been on their minds for the last few years and now they have managed to fully realize it. And in their special musical language, in which different experiences are merged – those from their homeland, Serbia and, more broadly, the Balkans, as well as experiences of listening to and playing punk, jazz and other global traditions. This is also Naked's first album mixed by the band members.

Naked release 5 studio albums:

  • "Srecna tuga" 2022 Narrator records (Hungary) ***

  • “Yes” 2018 Narrator records (Hungary)

  • “Nakedonia” 2015 Narrator records (Hungary)

  • “Get Naked“ 2011 Narrator records (Hungary)

  • “Noyz“ 2008 Multikultivator (Serbia)

Naked story is what is seen at the surface and what other people can experience. Naked truth is how the band sees its path and feels its musical journey growing up in ex-Yugoslavia

Naked truth

After years of our peaceful early childhood, our teenage time was messed up with a major breakdown in our country: in 1991 began the civil war. All our dreams and hopes just where trapped in time, preserved for better period. Living and growing up in this time as 15,16-year-old teenagers was very strange. We were still kids full of energy, ideas and hope but outskirts of country and cities was everything but that…9 years later we had another “nice” war-bombing of Serbia. At that time, we were 22, 23, 24 years old, still playing, practicing our instruments and we had a strong hope that we will survive and share the feelings of these odd times, but not keeping them dark but to make them deep and bright, to have them classical but jazzy, to show them not shiny but optimistic, sad but happy…Happy sadness - The story of Naked music…

All our albums are reflection of our feelings, surrounding people and nature:

  • 1. Naked Noyz- experimenting with many different sounds, musical rules and rhythms.

  • 2. Get Naked - call for all people to be naked-free

  • 3. Nakedonia - our imaginary country, without politics, hate, bad feelings, violence… Only love, freedom, good feelings and music, nice girls, beautiful people-all are welcome to our Nakedonia - no passport needed

  • 4. Yes - Just say Yes and good things will happen, not tomorrow, not yesterday…in 10,15 years from now, we don’t want to say that we missed opportunity, that we missed the moment. Grab it and make it your own unforgettable moment!

  • 5. Srecna Tuga - A solid, imaginative playing that sings and talks...

Naked story

The name NAKED stays for open heart and uncovered soul. Ideas of freedom, hope and love have always inspired Serbian band NAKED to create music, firmly rooted in unique mix of traditional Balkan, global urban, swing, funk, undeniably beats, odd rhythms and free-jazz relishes. NAKED has started in 2007. Collaborating for over a decade, they have released four albums, performed around the world from Chile to Korea and at festivals like Colours of Ostrava, EXIT, Read See Jazz Festival, ACC festival, to name a few. A gypsy violin, saxophone and clarinet converse with the melody accompanied by a tight, upbeat bass and drum section. Together they generate a sense of updated-global-urbanism and accurate synergy by diversity, a natural crossover of swing, funk, trippy psychedelic dub, classical music with flashes of the Mediterranean and African, Eastern European traditions as well as bebop, odd-rhythm and free-jazz. All About Jazz website calls their music a labour of love, describing the band as a mesmerising unit and a collective whose musical syntax continues to suggest that there are not several musicians here, but one.


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